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Noob at life= Pro at games

27 years old

Gamer Type: Hard Core

Job/School: Middle School

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My names on my games are:
Killer247 (Halo)
Killa (Games by Vavle) {KILLER} Killa (CS)
1337_m4n (COD4)
If you see any of my names on any of my games, say hi.


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Games Ki113r247 Plays

PC Games Played Gamer Tag
Counter Strike: Source {KILLER} Killa
Counter-Strike {KILLER} Killa
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero {KILLER} Killa
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas It's GTA, a SP, dude!
Half-Life 2: Death Match Killa
Halo Custom Edition Killer247
Halo: Combat Evolved Killer247
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End SP game
Team Fortress 2 {KILLER} Killa