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Rules for uploading A Game Shot

  1. Upload Game Shots from PC Games only!
  2. Anyone may upload a Game Shot - All Uploads will be reviewed
  3. Anonymous uploads will not be made available until after review.
  4. PC Game Shots reservers the right to delete any image we deem unsuitable
  5. Image formats supported: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff, tif, pcx, bmp, tga

DO NOT Upload:

  1. Game Shots from console games!
  2. Photographs, Digital Camera Images, Pictures
  3. Shots containing nudity, pornography, explicit or excessive violence, or shots depicting or containing messages of hate, racism, or profanity
  4. Any copyrighted works not of your ownership

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3 Day Eventing  
3 Pack  
30,000 Games  
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32nd America's Cup - The Game  
3333 Games XP Championship  
3D Alien Invasion  
3D Atlas  
3D Bowling  
3D Brick Bustin Madness  
3D Bubble Burst  
3D Bug Attack  
3D Caveman Rocks  
3D Caveman Rocks w/Bonus: 3D Brick Bustin'Madness  
3D Columns  
3D Deer Avenging With Wonderbuck  
3D Dragon Castle  
3D Frog Frenzy  
3D Frog Man  
3D Galaxy Fighters  
3D Hearts Deluxe  
3D Helicopter Coyote Hunt  
3D Hunting Grizzly  
3D Hunting: Extreme  
3D Hunting: Grizzly  
3D Hunting: Shark  
3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail  
3D Lemmings  
3D Pin ball Express with Bonus: Slots 100  
3D Pinball  
3D Pinball Express  
3D Pool  
3D Pool Shark  
3D Scooter Racing  
3D Slot Car Racing  
3D Snowboard Resort Designer  
3D Space Station Adventure  
3D Spades Deluxe  
3-D Ultra Cool Pool  
3-D Ultra Lionel- TrainTown  
3D Ultra MiniGolf  
3-D Ultra Minigolf Adventures  
3-D Ultra MiniGolf Deluxe  
3-D Ultra NASCAR Pinball  
3D Ultra Pinball  
3D Ultra Pinball Thrillride  
3D Ultra Pinball:  
3D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent  
3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers  
3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers Deluxe  
3-D Ultra Traintown Deluxe  
3DO Games: Decathlon