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Rules for uploading A Game Shot

  1. Upload Game Shots from PC Games only!
  2. Anyone may upload a Game Shot - All Uploads will be reviewed
  3. Anonymous uploads will not be made available until after review.
  4. PC Game Shots reservers the right to delete any image we deem unsuitable
  5. Image formats supported: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff, tif, pcx, bmp, tga

DO NOT Upload:

  1. Game Shots from console games!
  2. Photographs, Digital Camera Images, Pictures
  3. Shots containing nudity, pornography, explicit or excessive violence, or shots depicting or containing messages of hate, racism, or profanity
  4. Any copyrighted works not of your ownership

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E.T. Interplanetary Mission  
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial: Away from Home  
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial: Phone Home Adventure  
EA Kids Art Center  
EA Sports Rugby 2004  
EA Sports Web Soccer  
EA SPORTS™ Rugby 06  
Eager to Learn  
Early Math  
Earth 2140  
Earth 2150  
Earth 2150: Lost Souls  
Earth 2160  
Earth and Beyond Online  
Earth Invasion  
Earthworm Jim 2  
Eastern Mind, The Lost Souls of Tong Nou  
Easy-Bake Kitchen  
Ecco The Dolphin  
Echelon Wind Warriors  
Echo: Secrets of The Lost Cavern  
Ecoquest 1  
Ecstatica II  
ECW : Anarchy Rulz  
Ed Hunter  
Ed, Edd n Eddy The Mis-Edventures  
Eden`s Eclipse  
Edgar Torronteras' Moto-X 2000  
Edge of Chaos: Independence War 2  
Eek! Stravaganza: The Eex Files  
eGames 3D Chess  
eGames Masters Edition 151  
Egg Vs. Chicken  
Egypt 1156 B.C. / Pharoahs Gold  
Egypt II  
El Matador  
Elementary Science: The Human Body  
Elite Darts  
Elite Forces: Beyond Normandy: Assignment Berlin  
Elite Jigsaw  
Elite Warriors: Vietnam  
Ellie's Enchanted Garden  
Elliot Landy's Woodstock Vision  
Elmer's Cut and Build 3D  
Elmo's Deep Sea Adventure  
Elmo's Preschool  
Elroy Goes Bugzerk  
E-mail clue  
E-mail Football  
E-mail Nascar  
E-mail Upwords  
E-mail X-com  
eMazing Mazes  
Emergency 2-The Ultimate fight for life  
Emergency 3  
Emergency Fire Response  
Emergency Rescue-Firefighters  
Emergency Room  
Emergency Room Disaster Strikes  
Emergency Room: Code Red  
Emergency: Fighters for life  
EMO's Matchmaker: The Game of Love  
Emoticon Swirl  
Emperor of the Fading Sun  
Emperor: Battle for Dune  
Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom  
Emperor's Mahjongg  
Emperor's New Groove  
Empire Earth  
Empire Earth 2  
Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Expansion  
Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest  
Empire of Magic  
Empire of the Ants  
Empire of the Undead  
Empires Dawn of the Modern World  
Endless Ages  
Enemy Engaged 2  
Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum  
Enemy Infestation  
Enemy Nations  
Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars  
Enemy Zero  
Enigma: Rising Tide  
Enter the Matrix  
Entertainment Pack 2  
Entertainment Pack 3  
Entertainment Pack 4  
Entomorph Plague of the Darkfall  
Equestraid 2001  
ER: The Game Based on the Hit TV Series  
Eric the Unready  
Eric Young's Squad Assault  
Ernie's Adventures in Space  
Escape from Monkey Island  
ESPN Digital Games NBA Tonight 99  
ESPN Digital Pro Boarders  
ESPN Extreme Games  
ESPN National Hockey Night  
ESPN'S Two Minute Drill  
Etherlords 2  
Etrom: The Astral Essence  
Eurofighter Typhoon  
Europa 1400 Gold  
Europa 1400: The Guild  
Europa Universalis  
Europa Universalis - Crown of the North  
Europa Universalis II  
Europa Universalis III  
European Air War  
European Champions  
Eve Burst Error  
EVE Online  
Events & Celebrations Clip Art & Greeting Card Maker  
Events That Changed The World  
Ever 17  
Everest - Only the Strong Survive  
EverQuest Depths of Darkhollow  
EverQuest II  
EverQuest II - The Bloodline Chronicles  
EverQuest II - The Splitpaw Saga  
EverQuest II Desert of Flames  
EverQuest II Echoes of Faydwer  
EverQuest II Kingdom of Sky  
EverQuest II The Fallen Dynasty  
EverQuest The Serpent's Spine  
Everquest: Dragons of Norrath  
Everquest: Gates of Discord  
EverQuest: Legacy of Ykesha  
Everquest: Lost Dungeons of Norrath  
EverQuest: Omens of War  
EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro  
Everquest: The Buried Sea  
EverQuest: The Planes of Power  
Everquest: The Scars of Velious  
Everything Weather  
Evidence: The Last Ritual  
Evil Core: The Fallen Cities  
Evil Dead Regeneration  
Evil Dead: Hail to the King  
Evil Genius  
Evil Islands  
Evil Twin  
Ewe Turn  
Excalibur 2555 A.D.  
Excessive Speed  
Expect No Mercy  
Expert Pool  
Extractors The Hanging Worlds Of Zarg  
Extreme Assault  
Extreme G 2  
Extreme Motorcross  
Extreme Paintbrawl  
Extreme Paintbrawl 4  
Extreme Paintbrawl II  
Extreme Pinball  
Extreme Tactics  
Eyes of the Nation  
E-Z Photo