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Rules for uploading A Game Shot

  1. Upload Game Shots from PC Games only!
  2. Anyone may upload a Game Shot - All Uploads will be reviewed
  3. Anonymous uploads will not be made available until after review.
  4. PC Game Shots reservers the right to delete any image we deem unsuitable
  5. Image formats supported: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff, tif, pcx, bmp, tga

DO NOT Upload:

  1. Game Shots from console games!
  2. Photographs, Digital Camera Images, Pictures
  3. Shots containing nudity, pornography, explicit or excessive violence, or shots depicting or containing messages of hate, racism, or profanity
  4. Any copyrighted works not of your ownership

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U.S. Atlas  
UEFA Champions League 2006-2007  
UEFA EURO 2004  
UFO Afterlight  
UFO: Aftermath  
UFO: Aftershock  
Ultima Collection  
Ultima IX: Ascension  
Ultima Online  
Ultima Online: 9th Anniversary Edition  
Ultima Online: Age of Shadows  
Ultima Online: Gold  
Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn  
Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy  
Ultima Online: Renaissance  
Ultima Online: Samurai Empire  
Ultima Online: The Second Age  
Ultima Online: Third Dawn  
Ultima Underworld 1 & 2  
Ultima VII  
Ultimate Beach Soccer  
Ultimate Boxing  
Ultimate Civil War Battles  
Ultimate Demolition Derby  
Ultimate Domain  
Ultimate Doom  
Ultimate Duck Hunting  
Ultimate Football '95  
Ultimate Gamepak  
Ultimate Games for Boys  
Ultimate Games for Boyz II  
Ultimate Games for Family  
Ultimate Games for Girls  
Ultimate Games for Girls 2  
Ultimate Gin  
Ultimate Hunt Challenge  
Ultimate Mahjongg  
Ultimate Mahjongg 10  
Ultimate Mahjongg 15  
Ultimate Mahjongg 20  
Ultimate MahJongg 5  
Ultimate Mini Golf Designer  
Ultimate Paintball Challenge  
Ultimate Pinball  
Ultimate Pinball Extreme  
Ultimate Pinball Gold  
Ultimate Puzzle Collection  
Ultimate Puzzles 1000  
Ultimate Puzzles 1500  
Ultimate Puzzles 500  
Ultimate Race Pro  
Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe  
Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster  
Ultimate Soccer Manager  
Ultimate Soduku  
Ultimate Solitaire  
Ultimate Solitaire 1000  
Ultimate Solitaire 500  
Ultimate Solitaire 750  
Ultimate Spider-Man  
Ultimate Sudoku: The Emperor's Challenge  
Ultimate Trainz Collection  
Ultimate Yahtzee  
Ultra Fighters  
Ultraman: Galaxy Alert  
Ultraman: Monster Crisis  
Ultraman: Taro Adventure  
Uncle Alberts Magical Album  
Uncle Henry's Playhouse  
Under Pressure  
Under the Covers  
Underworld: Bloodline  
Universal Combat: A World Apart  
Universal Combat: Collectors Edition  
Universal Monsters Monsterville  
UnLocking the Bible Codes  
Unnecessary Roughness  
Unnecessary Roughness '95  
Unreal Championship 2 The Liandri Conflict  
Unreal II The Awakening Special Edition  
Unreal II: The Awakening  
Unreal Mission Pack-The Return to Na Pali  
Unreal Tournament  
Unreal Tournament 2003  
Unreal Tournament 2004  
Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice  
Unreal Tournament 3  Epic
Up Words  
Uplink Hacker Elite  
Uprising 2  
Urban Assault  
Urban Chaos  
Urban Chaos: Riot Response  
Urban Runner  
Uru: Ages Beyond Myst  
US Navy Fighters '97  
US Navy Fighters/Marine Fighters  
US Open  
US Open 2002  
US Racer  
US Space Flight  
US Special Forces: Team Factor  
USA Bass Championship  
USCF Chess  
USS Ticonderoga Life and Death on the High Seas